Una hoja a traves del tiempo

Spanish translation of “A Leaf in Time“.

Looking for a safe gift for a 9-12 year old with a passion for the environment? Look no further!

This book is about energy, plants and people. It also carries a warning about the health of our vulnerable planet. Almost all our energy comes from the Sun. While humans are busy turning fuels and food into carbon dioxide to release energy, green leaves do exactly the opposite. Plants turn light into electrical energy, and use it to convert carbon dioxide and water into food by photosynthesis. Millions of years ago, this process provided Earth with its atmosphere and fossil fuels. Thousand of years ago humans and trees lived in reasonable harmony. There were lots of trees and not many people. Trees were chopped down for cooking, heating and building, but new trees grew as fast as old ones were lost. The carbon dioxide went round and round and the air was much the same. All that has changed now. We must learn to save energy, to conserve our irreplaceable fossil fuels and discover new ways of converting energy from one form to another.

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